Kauai Society of Artists jouried art show entry hopefuls.

I am hoping that the three pieces I am entering into the Kauai Society of Artists (KSA) this Friday are accepted into the show.  If they are, I will be revealing these pieces to the public.  If they aren't accepted, you will eventually get to see them in my one man show 22 May 2015.  Mark your calendars!  In the mean time, I will give you their names as a teaser:  I try to use Hawaiian names as much as possible so the naming order is:    Hawaiian name, english translation in parenthesis, and the location of the picture.    1. Lana ka Hiamoe (Awakening) - Nounou Mountain, aka "Sleeping Giant"      2. La'au Symphony (stick) - Kealia beach river mouth,              3. Maluhia (tranquility) - Hoopii (lower) Falls.