La'au Symphony Wins a People's Choice Award

It's funny how these things work out.  On the evening of the closing reception of the KSA Membership Show, People's Choice Awards were announced and my name wasn't included although many people had told me they thought my piece was a sure winner.  Later I had heard that some artists had voted for themselves over 30 times, which by the way, maybe a little unethical, but isn't against the rules.  I decided not to vote for myself even once.  A little voice in me said, "this is weird."  Anyway, I get a letter in the mail to today from one of the artists in the show with a check which tells me that there was a miscount and I was tied with another artist and had won a People's Choice Award.  So, thank you Kauai for voting my piece as one of your favorites. 

Update on the May 22 show... everything is flowing along smoothly to this point.  I just ordered more pictures and can't wait to see them as prints.  And, of course, I can't wait to show you all the hard work I have been doing over the past two years.  Cheers!