Kauai Aina Art Opening a Success!

Hello All.  I just want to thank everyone for the great support and very encouraging words leading up the opening last night.  I am now sitting in the gallery frantically trying to load all the pictures on this website's galleries.  I hope to have it all done by Monday.  I appreciate your patience as many of you have waited a long time to see the full body of work.  We had a great turn out last night with many friends, neighbors, acquaintances and a large number of guests and tourists strolling through the gallery.  I was extremely please with all the positive feedback was overwhelming.  I was uplifted, encouraged, and humbled all at the same moment.  I heard many comments that this was the best art show they have seen on Kauai.  Artists, visitors and members of the Kauai Society of Artists were all saying the same thing.  I am truly blessed by this event and by you all.  .... as I write I just sold 4 more pieces.   :)