Update on Kauai Aina Art

Well, right after the show on May 28, as you know I was invited to have a solo exhibit at the Lihue Airport by the Garden Island Arts Council and then I went into three straight weeks of training on our new radar system up in Kokee.  My training is now done and am now preparing for an annual one week children's camp I have been working the past 20+ years.  After that I plan to get into full swing with my wet plate photography as well as start producing at least one new land art piece a month.  It will take me several months of shooting wet plate before I am feeling confident to create art with it.  It is a very unpredictable and unforgiving process, but can create wonderful results even with mistakes.  I order the chemistry end of this week.  Can't wait.  I will keep you all posted with teasers of the creative projects I have planned.  Hope to have another show next year with new land art and of course, wet plate.  Take care my friends.