Fine Art Color Portraiture Package

Special introductory low pricing for the Basic Package through end of 2019.

Basic Package: Consists of one image with simple backdrop with studio lighting or natural lighting in outdoor setting - your choice. Additional images and composites add $50 each.

Example: one group shot of two children and individual shots of each child would be $150+$50+50=$250. Make one of these images a composite image (where I combine different background, elements into the picture) add $50. Total $300.

Prints: clients will recieve a high resolution file(s) to send to their own printer. If you wish for me to manage the printing, prices will vary due to print medium, size, and framing if included . $30 management fee plus cost of prints. Shipping extra.

note: I am happy to go over with clients best recommended printing methods for this genre.

I can almost guarantee you will not find this quality of work at these rates anywhere!! Prices subject to change after the new year.

Why not more images in the package?? I do take many pictures during the meticulously planned and carefully choreographed session but I’m looking for that one (or two) image(s) that “speaks” to me. I then spend many hours processing this image to create the look of a fine art painting. Its no easy task and took me nearly a year to learn properly and I continue to learn new techniques, etc. . In some ways it is harder than wet plate as when you begin to edit it can go a thousand different directions with infinite color choices, lighting emphasis and such. There is a point during the process in which I am literally painting down light and color with my Wacom drawing tablet to achieve the results I’m after. With wet plate, you get what you get as the chemicals and light determine the outcome, but the unpredictability is what makes it fun. Whether its high end digital photography or vintage wet plate collodion photography, my vision is to produce one of a kind fine art pieces worthy of being printed large, framed beautifully, and hung on the nicest wall in your home.

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Wet Plate Collodion Portrait Packages

Hand Crafted            Timeless          Beautiful           Unforgettable

                      More than a portrait... this is FINE ART.                              

Please feel free to contact Daniel Finchum to arrange a consultation/interview which is required prior to shoot date.  Wet plate collodion photography is very involving for both the artist and the sitter and is important for the sitter to understand what is entailed. However, since it is a historical process you will also learn a great deal making it an unforgettable yet enjoyable experience.


Package A

One Portrait at your home or on location using either natural or studio lighting.

To Include:

-the original glass plate

-one 11x14 enlarged archival print

-high resolution .jpg image for your use

Cost:  $350 for one person

          $450 for two or more persons


Kumu Tutu 1.jpg

Package B

Two portraits on location using either natural or studio lighting.

To Include:

-the original glass plates

- two 8.5x11 enlarged archival prints

-two 13x19 enlarged archival prints

-high resolution .jpg image for your use

Cost: $650 for one person

         $750 for two or more persons


Going to Kamehameha - Nervous Anticipation.jpg

Package C

Two to three portraits on location with custom designed theme by Daniel Finchum in collaboration with client.

To include:

-the original glass plates

-two to three 11x14 enlarged archival prints

-two to three 13x19 or 17x22 archival prints

-high resolution .jpg images for your use

Cost: $1250 (starting)

Theme could involve costumes, props, and more than one person.